CA’BA for Vigo Gerolamo and his children marked the beginning of a new era, a new, more dynamic and young way of thinking, with the aim of promoting one’s products through a philosophy of life. To experience CA’BA you let yourself being transported to a new, fresh world, full of recovered expressiveness and emotions.

CA’BA has been and still is a place where Vigo and his children meet all collaborators and today also their customers and friends, through a fixed, yearly stopover, to further enhance an exchange of ideas and opinions. CA’BA is not a stand, CA’BA is a house where we can meet, knowing that here events will be created, as well magic moments, where everyone will be both provoker and author of a story, that is the story of CA’BA.
In 2001 this story started being drafted, and thanks to all those who contributed in these four editions, with their presence and love for good food and drinking, within new signs, a great, unexpected success was attained.